The Resource Center for Religious Institutes National Conference 2018

We are looking forward to our annual exhibition at the RCRI National Conference in Orlando the end of October!

The religious institutions we serve have important and admirable missions. We maintain an involvement with organizations and sponsorships in organizations that are important to our religious institution clients, such as RCRI, and have done so for many years.

About RCRI

The Resource Center for Religious Institutes (RCRI) is an organization created to serve the needs of Catholic communities of religious women and men. Our professional staff offers advice and provides resources for the leadership of religious institutes who become members of RCRI. For over 35 years, RCRI or its predecessor organizations have been a partner to help navigate the many complexities related to taxes and tax-exemption, corporate structure, internal organizational setup, finance, administration, and canon law. We work with hundreds of religious institutes and societies of apostolic life from all over the United States and from several foreign countries.